Nourishing Red Lentil

A savory soup crafted from our green papayas. We carefully peel, wash and chop the papaya which is much like a squash at this young stage of maturity. Then we fill up the kettle with loads of organic veggies, herbs and beautiful red lentils.  With a base of our own herbal broth, this is a Jubilee version of the classic Turkish Lentil Soup. 

Each cup of this nourishing soup is rich in dietary fiber, enzymes that support digestion, and a great source of plant protein.  

Enjoy served over your favorite whole grain or on its own with a bountiful salad on the side. 

INGREDIENTS: Green Papaya*, Red Lentils, Tomatoes, Onions, Carrots, Celery, Cumin, Himalayan Salt, Herbal Broth*

* = Jubilee Organics grown

*** All other ingredients are sourced from Certified Organic farms