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Sweet Bananas *limited supply*

These sweet Jubilee bananas are harvested each week from the farm. We grow an assortment of heirloom varieties, including: Seminole, Nam Wah, Goldfinger, Pisang Silong, and Pisang Raja.

These varieties are much more nuanced in flavor and texture than the store bought "Cavendish" variety. In order to enjoy them at full flavor and sweetness, wait until they are golden yellow and spotted. 

We love to freeze them to make nice cream in a blender with a splash of coconut milk and vanilla. Of course you can make super smoothies with them as well. They also work amazingly in recipes like banana bread or Ryan's favorite, banana pudding. 

Each box weighs 2.5lb and is shipped just after harvesting. You will receive them green. The best way to speed up the ripening process is to store them at room temperature in a paper bag. Shipping included at checkout.

Ps. If you want to cook them green, they make amazing "banana fries". Simply peel, slice into strips and add to hot sunflower oil to fry up for a tasty snack dipped in ketchup. 

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Customer Reviews

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Our whole family enjoyed the taste of these bananas. We also felt better about eating something grown locally that was fresh and not sitting in the store for weeks! Thanks!


Our package arrived with a grand display of sweet bananas. We’ve used them so far in our smoothies every morning! The delivery was same day and the service was handled exceptionally! Thank you 😊Ryan and Jubilee team.