“Let Food Be Thy Medicine
and Medicine Be Thy Food.”

- Hippocrates, 431 B.C.

You are what you eat
your food is grown in.

You are what
your food is grown in.

Our farm grows better soil so you can eat better food.
Enjoy beyond-organic Sauces and Soups delivered monthly.


Our food & healthcare
system is broken.

A broken system

The Problem

Despite clever marketing that tells us otherwise, we are being sold food with zero context to how it’s grown. Even ingredients labeled ‘organic’ lack essential nutrients and minerals because of long transit times to delivery or chemical farming.

What our grocery stores call ‘Farm Fresh’ is often dead on arrival.

Corporate agricultural conglomerates are taking unnatural steps to do nature’s job and as a result, we’re all getting sick. That’s where the pharmaceutical industry steps in to medicate us. This dangerous cycle is the reality for countless Americans.

Knowing the source

Our Solution

Jubilee Organics was founded on the idea of growing delicious, nutritious food the same way nature does. Knowing your local farmers, where your food is grown, and the quality of the soil it’s grown in is imperative to your family’s health.

It all starts with soil. Vibrant soil health provides the perfect nutritional platform for human health. Without the use of any chemicals or artificial supplements, your food can add life to your body as it was meant to. That’s why we developed a soil-to-table approach to all of our products, starting with our flagship Sauces and Soups.

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Why Sauce & Soup

There are two sides to the food equation,
the people eating it and the people making it.

Food is medicine and what better delivery mechanism than through sauces, soups, and salsas. Liquid nutrition is easier for our bodies to digest and as a result, nutrients get in the bloodstream more quickly.

Consumption Benefits
  • 01 Fits in as an already established part of every day eating.
  • 02 Offers a variety of flavors in the convenience of one jar.
  • 03 Provides a high intake of daily nutrients for all ages.
  • 04 Adds a healthy take on traditional comfort foods.
Production Benefits
  • 01 Offers an endless variety of pairings (Sauces, Soups, and Salsas).
  • 02 Eliminates ingredient waste because of the liquifying process.
  • 03 Provides a shelf-stable meal without chemicals or preservatives.
  • 04 Accentuates the quality of fresh, seasonal produce.

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What's in the box?

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  • Three (24 oz) artisinal products.
  • A pairing suggestions card.
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