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How do you control pest and disease when you grow food without fertilizer and pesticides?

We believe that nature is a perfect creative design. Healthy soil has the ability to fight for itself. We stay focused on building living soil through a series of practices such as utilizing mulch, growing large amounts of nutrient producing and fixing support plants, chop and drop, and compost and work tea applications. All of these things together allow nature to do what it does best, build biology, invite beneficial insects and ward off disease and predation.

What effect does your farming style have on the environment?

This is one of our favorite questions. We believe that Regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and permaculture practices are the answer to climate change and restoration of our Earth. Our farming system is designed and based around biodiversity, growing high volumes of biomass, using trees, and including animals. All of these strategies are incorporated to replicate the forest. We have minimal water needs, encourage biodiversity and we sequester carbon which improves air and water quality. Our practices are ancient, thousands of years old, being rediscovered and utilized.

How does the quality of the soil impact the food I eat?

Food is and can only be as good as the soil it was grown. All of the nutrients and minerals that are present in food are derived from the soil. Poorer quality soil causes the food to taste worse and more importantly, makes you feel worse. Soil can only be as good as the microbiology (fungi, bacteria and critters) that is in the soil. So living soil creates living and food. We build living soil by continuing to add biomass, and biological elements such as compost, emulsions and microbial charged teas. This is the labor intensive work it requires to grow real living food. Spraying chemicals on soils does the opposite. It doesn’t encourage life in the soil, it doesn’t promote plants to fight for themselves and it doesn’t grow living food.

Why does your food taste so much different and make me feel so much better?

Love! Seriously though, love and prayer. Food is spiritual, and growing Food is a spiritual process for us. We are not interested in making clever taglines, you truly are only as healthy as the soil your food was grown. Therefore, we take this process very seriously and it is labor intensive to go to the lengths we do to practice life giving farming. When we plant we pray for a productive harvest, then we work (spread mulch, chop and drop, brew and apply tea and build compost) and when we harvest we pray that this food heals whoever’s lips it may touch, then we cook and serve you. It’s a process and we want to share with you our discovery that living soil produces living food and living food prevents and heals disease. This is ancient knowledge that has been forgotten. There are no shortcuts, just good honest work and a spiritual covering.

How long before my box comes in?

Pre-Orders will be shipping mid-September. After pre-orders, it’s based on your order date plus a few days for us to prepare and pack your jars.

What types of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide to the contiguous United States.

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