Healing Greens Soup Pairings

Our Healings Greens Soup is intended to be a warm, comforting meal. To keep in alignment with a plant-based diet, pair it with a whole grain like quinoa or brown rice. If you are looking for a grain alternative, try vegetable noodles. Add some roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts for the perfect grain bowl. This soup can stand alone as a warm, healthy soup with cracker crumble garnish.

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Sunshine Jambalaya

The most traditional way to pair a Jambalaya is with a wild rice or jasmine rice. It makes an excellent base and brings out the flavors in the Jambalaya. It makes wonderful left overs as the flavors meld together overnight. We recommend serving the Jambalaya over a whole grain pasta to create a satisfying dish.

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Mango Nectar Pairings

Our Mango Nectar is a highly medicinal, nutrient dense mixture that tastes delicious straight from the jar. Mix 1 cup of our Mango Nectar with 2 cups of sparkling water for a refreshing spritzer or add a splash to your morning smoothie. Our nectar can be used in marinades, jams, fruit pie fillers, even as a mixer for a tropical beverage at happy hour.

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